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  • Mobile phones and tarriffs


    Just did a quick search but couldn't find anything.

    What types of mobiles and tarriffs do you have?

    At the moment i am on a monthly contract and it's coming to and end and i'm not sure if i should renew it or just get a pay as you go phone. Also i don't want to pay X amount of money for a phone that i can only use when i'm not at sea.
    With regards to the phone itself do you just have a cheap one, or do you have all singing all dancing ones?

    This may seem like a wierd question but i'd appreciate your help.


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    Re: Mobile phones and tarriffs

    Ive got family abroad so ive got a cheap arse Lyca Pay as you go thing. British Airways do sell international sim cards (A type of sim that can be used anywhere in the world).
    Id be careful about taking a contract phone away with you. Some companies charge a fortune for roaming fees. One moron in my college had a ?400 bill for using his phone whilst he was at sea.
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      Re: Mobile phones and tarriffs

      I have a Orange PAYG and it has worked in Israel, Italy, Spain, Singapore, Honkers, South Korea, the US, Jamaica, Canada, and Australia. I forgot to try it in China and it didn't work in Panama. Text costs vary wildly but usually no more than 50p(this was a year ago).
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        Re: Mobile phones and tarriffs

        Might be worthwhile having a phone that is not locked to a network, as then you can usually pick up a cheap sim in-country which could be cheaper, especially if calling numbers in-country. Only if your hanging around for a while though I suppose, which is not often.


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          Re: Mobile phones and tarriffs


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            Re: Mobile phones and tarriffs

            Thanks guys it seems like pay as you go may be the way to go.

            on my mobile i have the option to turn of the network so i guess i could do that whilst at sea, at least i wouldn't come home to any ridiculous bills, ?400