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Companies that don?t use SMART funding

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  • Companies that don?t use SMART funding

    So I?m a qualified deck officer, but due to lack of opportunity and personal loss of interest in the deck side (won?t bore you with details) I decided I want to requalify as an ETO. I found when I was working onboard ships I love what they did and ever since have been desperate to go down that path.
    I started looking at options but I know many companies won?t take me on due to them not reciting SMART funding, because I have already used my ?allocated? amount for my deck.
    Anyone know any alternative routes I can go down? Any company I can apply to that wouldn?t have an issue with this?
    Thanks for all the help

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    I'll play devils advocate by pointing out the drawbacks of ETOing.

    Why do you think ETO will be more interesting than deck?
    Its a career dead end. Its not that straightforward to move shoreside either. Lots of problem solving with very little help from anybody on board or shoreside.

    RFA and cruiseships may be different though.

    Having said all that it works for me as a job.
    Former TH cadet with experience of cruise ships, buoy tenders, research ships and oil tankers


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      RFA I don?t think use smart? They employ their cadets, also be odd a government dept funding another. You could always call them too and ask?


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        Originally posted by Midge View Post
        also be odd a government dept funding another.
        It happens a lot. Budgets.