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Interview with Chiltern marine

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  • Interview with Chiltern marine

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    Hi Julian,

    I've got quite noticable dyslexia and I'm currently in my third phase so I'm happy to answer any questions he may have.

    I don't quite understand why they're asking for a letter from the school. They can ask if someone has any learning disabilities but as far as I know they are not legally allowed to use that info to act discriminately (but also, employers aren't made to hire based on looks but y'know, just look at starbucks, lush, urban outfitters etc...'. The only reason they should be asking is so that they can help set up support for your sun. Equally, if he does get offered a place and accepts, I'd urge him to talk to student support as soon as possible about support for his dyslexia. I've found it very useful but even with having all the diagnostic paperwork, sorting it all out was slow.

    Whether he should expect that question again... he should expect to be asked if he has learning difficulties. That's not strange in itself. The whole 'supply us with proof showing it won't affect your exam taking' is. That should be a bit of a red flag. Personally I would say 'Yes, I have the diagnostic paperwork' and leave it at that. Learning support is substidised by the goverment and the educational facility so I don't see why that is any of their business seeing as it won't be coming out of their pockets. As far as exams go, the only difference is that he should be entitled to a quiet classroom and a quarter extra time. I found it very helpful and felt that extra time put me on equal footing with my classmates as it accounted for my slower working on the academic side.

    I've met plenty of dyslexic people at sea. I doubt it'll be an issue in the workplace.


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      Thanks for writing such a comprehensive message. Can I ask who you are doing your training with?


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        Hi Julian

        One of my mates had dyslexia and got all the way through to Masters level with no dramas and just had the extra time in exams (wasn’t segregated)

        Im not suggesting that the question may have been dealt with correctly but it’s worth remembering being at sea has the possibility of being involved in safety critical incidents where people’s lives may require the quick and accurate thinking and note taking (it’s not like when it all hits the fan you can call someone out) so not making any excuses but maybe they want to judge the level in order to satisfy themselves all will be well and additionally what to advise the college on regarding extra assistance.

        Just to be clear I’m not saying the way they went about it was correct or that having dyslexia will be a barrier to going to sea.

        And in case anyone wonders what could be possibly characterised as critical incidents with regards the above that requires on the spot critical note taking I will list a few that have happened in my time:

        BA control board during a fire
        Damage control soundings of tanks
        Passing patient data to Medics ashore
        Radio maydays
        Pilotage - It's just a controlled allision


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          Thanks for your message, I get where you were coming from.