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  • CV and applications

    Hi, just enquiring as the whether a covering letter is required for any if not all applications, some have a requirement for its attachment during application, whereas others just ask for a CV and am unsure whether a covering letter is needed??

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    I would always send a covering letter - your CV is essentially a list of experience, achievements and qualifications, the letter should be where you really sell yourself. Highlight the things on your CV that show your aptitude for the job you're applying for, say why you're applying to THAT company, make it specific to them and make it sound like they are the number 1 on your list of who you want to work for.


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      I'm in agreement with Rigger, I always find it beneficial to send a covering letter with everything, personally, i made a standard sort of template covering letter, that I used to move around slightly and rewrite bits to make it specific for the various companies I was applying for.
      this ensures the long life of your fingers and arms, instead of writing out letter after letter!

      all the best for your applications!


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        I did the same as Spodface. The bulk of your letter where you talk about your experience etc can stay the same because it is the same role that you are applying for. The bit that you tailor is where you talk about why you want to go to that company.