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State of the industry for cadet engineers..

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  • State of the industry for cadet engineers..

    Wondering if there is anybody currently employed/involved in the industry who can give advice on how it's looking at the moment for cadet engineers/junior engineers ?

    Looking to start a cadetship in 2018 (interviews ongoing) and although difficult to forecast the industries position in three years time if anyone can comment on current going on's it could be a good indicator for things to come..

    Cheers for any replies in advance!

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    I'm sure you will hear many negatives from some however I say go for it mate. In my opinion from what I've seen (appreciate its a very limited scope of the UK shipping industry) the jobs are out there and starting to pick up. Engineers, there seems to be more work for so that's always a positive for you. The shortage of decent engineers is not just at sea but ashore too so if I were you I would crack on and give it your best shot. You'll be entering a good training programme with great opportunities.