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  • Is it inappropriate to ask...

    Which companies DO employ British officers?
    Obviously is wise to talk about employment opportunities with whichever companies you talk to..
    There is a lot of advice on the forum for new cadets to chose their company wisely if they want a better chance of securing employment at the end of it but I've not yet come across advisement of which companies these are..

    Also, side question, I watched a short series about cadets going through their first sea phases and it surprised me to see not only 4 cadets on one container ship but that they had a personal cadet training officer onboard..Is this the norm? I only ask as it wasn't for myself and I would be interested to know which companies have these cadet training officers onboard...

    Apologies if my question is in the wrong place

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    The cadet training officer is usually the chief officer. It's not his only job. Depending on the company he might be the safety officer, security officer, environmental officer and what ever else the company can think off. Companies know chief officers have a lot of time on there hands so when ever a new requirement comes up normally they get it.

    A list of companies would be a lot to write. It's probably easier to think of sectors. British tend to get jobs offshore, on tankers or passenger ships. There aren't many brits working on bulkers or general cargo boats. That might be an over simplification.


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      Thanks Lewis, this helps.


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        Usually cruise ships are the ones to keep you on after qualifying however just apply everywhere that is offering, you can still work for some general cargo/bulk companies if you're willing to do 6+ month trips and maybe a little less money compared to other places (I'm 5.5 months into a 6 month trip, on a multi-purpose vessel).


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          Cheers BW, I think the plan is to apply widely and ask lots of questions..I actually prefer the sound of longer trips, plenty of time at sea and plenty of time to get into the swing of things..Only avoiding Cruise and Nuclear in my plans so far