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    Hi all, I have recently begun applying for deck cadetships with various different sponsoring companies and I've found out that I am a bit late to applying for places with most companies for this coming January. I have also read that most companies only have a September intake. I have been accepted for January 2018 with Clyde Marine Training and am also expecting an interview with the RFA (which are my ideal sponsor company) in October, but I have a few questions and was hoping if anyone could help me out.

    Do any other companies apart from Clyde Marine Training offer cadetships beginning in January 2018, if so, when would they be taking applications for them?

    For companies that you apply to directly and only have a September intake, when would they be taking applications for Sep 2018?

    With which companies do you have the best chance of employment after a cadetship? (As I have heard that chances of employment aren't great with the sponsors that are a part of training organistations like CMT)

    Many thanks

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    There are any number of companies that are still recruiting for September 2017 - let alone January or next year. There is a shortage of cadets this year, Deck, Engine or ETO. SSTG, Anglo Eastern and Clyde are all still interviewing for this September. As to the length of time needed from interview to starting a cadetship, my record is for someone to apply on a Wednesday, arrange an interview on the Thursday, an interview and a job offer on the Friday, a medical on the Saturday, trip to Warsash on Sunday and started the cadetship on Monday!

    Read about it HERE!

    So, if you are looking for a start this September you should revisit your files and get applying to those companies that still need cadets....

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