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Become a Careers at Sea ambassador!


  • Become a Careers at Sea Ambassador!

    leadership_poster.jpgAre you a confident speaker? Do you want to share your enthusiasm for the industry with others? is pleased to recommend the Merchant Navy Training Board's Careers at Sea Ambassaor programme. We've got all the infomation you need here!

    What's it all about?

    The Merchant Navy Training Board is part of the Chamber of Shipping, the trade associaton for the UK shipping industry. They have responsibility for setting and approving the education and training frameworks for new entants, and for promoting careers at sea. They run the very successful Careers at Sea marketing campaign.

    The Ambassador programme has been set up with support from the Marine Society and Nautilus International. Ambassadors are volunteers from the industry who give time to visit schools and youth groups to spread the word about the opportunities that a career at sea can offer.

    Can I do it? I'm only a cadet!

    Of course! If anything, cadets are in the best position to talk about what the training is like. It's probably best to have a sea trip or two under your belt though so you can give the full picture. As long as you're willing to give the time, you'll be welcomed with open arms!

    What's expected of me?

    You put in as much time as you can spare. You generally need to arrange your own visits, though you'll get occasional emails with a list of organisations that have requested talks. Arranging visits should be simple; just approach your old school, or any youth organisations in your area like Sea Cadet units. The MNTB would like to see two or three visits per year, but there's no pressure!

    What do I get out of it?

    It's a volunteer position, so don't expect any money! You'll get all the resources you could possibly need, and the warm, fuzzy feeling that you might just help someone discover their ideal career. You'll also be helping to raise awareness of what we actually do; let's face it, most young people hear the phrase "Merchant Navy" and think of grey ships with guns!

    Ambassadors also have the opportunity to attend a training day in London.

    Cool! Where can I find out more?

    There's quite a few Ambassadors on the forums, so feel free to start a thread if you have any questions. You can also visit the MNTB website for a full description of the programme.

    Where do I sign up?

    Just send an email to [email protected] with the following details: name, address, phone number, email address, current employer and details of any "leads" you might have for visits, like schools or youth groups. Make sure you mention you heard about the programme from, we're trying to beat the guys over at the Nautilus Telegraph!

    • Mike Macey
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      Originally posted by SeaboundBySunrise
      If you have a contact with any of the maritime colleges is it worth dropping them a line? It's far from a perfect solution but if you're on good terms with them they might be able to buzz a few bits over if they can.

      Thanks for for the suggestion but, unfortunately, I have no contacts at any of the colleges. I have only recently been asked to do this presentation so am starting from scratch. I had done some industry specific presentations at schools before but that was more to do with the work of our industry, Emergency Response and Rescue Vessels, rather than careers.

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      What type of images do you need? Royalty free stock photos are readily available online in high res

    • agibbs98
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      Fena is the best contact, she responds if you reply to her emails, and assists with material. Clyde Marine and SSTG will supply pens, booklets etc if you ask them.
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    Are you a confident speaker? Do you want to share your enthusiasm for the industry with others? is pleased to recommend the Merchant Navy Training Board's Careers at Sea Ambassaor programme. We've got all the infomation you need here!
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