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    Quote Originally Posted by Olivier Ntcham View Post
    Aye I reckon I could stick out 3, or 4 during the cadetship. Add another month on top of that and I'd start going mad I reckon.

    Top tip: take something to entertain you

    This could be a hobby or films

    I know someone who thought 10 dvds would do him a 4 month trip.
    If you want to watch something, pack a hard drive full of TV and Films (plus play swapsies on ship)
    Audiobooks and Ebooks are the best for space saving.

    Just whatever you do, dont go to sea expecting it to be action packed 24/7, you need something to keep yourself entertained. Otherwise you will go mad.

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    I've been on ships were after the working day everyone went their own separate ways and really never made an effort to communicate with one another. Some would find the isolation quite difficult to cope. However I've been on ships where every night there would be several officers watching movie which was great as it used up the remainder of the day. This experience and the effort people made to socialise made my 5 month trip fly by.
    Phase 5 SPD engine cadet at city of Glasgow college. Doing a a combined motor and steam ticket.

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    Thanks for everyone's input here. To be honest if I'm having serious doubts as early as this I think it's probably not the career for me. A lot more financial risk if the cadetship doesn't work out than the average career.




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