Anyone managed to access XboxLive or PSN in halls?

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    Anyone managed to access XboxLive or PSN in halls?


    I'm returning to college this weekend and considering getting a console as last year we had a ridiculous amount of time off (strikes, lecturer's off, completed classes etc.) and was wondering if anyone has managed to access PSN or Xbox Live on the halls network. Im asking as I know a few people struggled with it last year.

    Potentially could bridge the connection from laptop to console using an ethernet wire and wifi, however this is a pain sometimes.

    So any ideas will be appreciated.

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    Could use a wifi range extender? Maybe one with an ethernet port.

    If you need a VPN for access it might get more complicated, something like a raspberry Pi hooked up via ethernet, with a vpn running, then transmitting wifi to connect to your console.

    Maybe just ask the colleges IT guys?
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    Are you on student com? If so, log into your account and check the FAQ - there's a decent guide about how to tell the network to accept access from your gaming consoles. I did it the other day for the 3DS.
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    When I was at riverside, I couldn't access Netflix on my laptop, but weirdly on my iPad! My flatmates couldn't get onto Xbox Live or PSN either, but that was 2015-2016 so things might have changed since then. Best thing to do is send the accommodation department an e-mail, I think I have it if you want me to PM you.
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