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    She is being towed to Jebel Ali for repairs. I'd imagine they'll discharge the boxes behind the superstructure then move her a few miles up the coast to Port Rashid as there is a massive dry dock there big enough to take her. Alternative would be Saudi or Salalah I guess.

    I'm headed there tomorrow to go see a customer so I'll see if she is there and revert back.

    Looking at the pics it does look like the superstructure/accomodation block on the newer post-Panamax box ships being further forward does put it and the crew closer to the IMDG stacks forward. Certainly on this class of ship the block is pretty close and you can see in the pictures the damage from the heat and explosions. I'd suggest that is probably a bit stressful and difficult to manage from the Bridge.

    Very sad about the deceased crew members.

    Without casting aspersions has anyone ever gone to prison for causing death or endangering shipping by mis-declaring IMDG goods to get away with paying lower box rates?

    I wonder if we might see a time when lines choose not to charge extra for these boxes to ensure full disclosure and honesty from shippers when booking so they can be loaded correctly and incidents can be handled appropriately?

    Mind you the fire and explosion was around the usual stacks for the dangerous goods so maybe it was just something that was properly declared and stowed appropriately but had an incident that got away from them faster than they can deal with it? Imagine a pallet-load of lithium ion batteries having a mass thermal runaway underneath a box full of barrels of flammable industrial detergent or something? Eek.

    Just goes to show the risk everyone in shipping takes every day to make global trade happen. Food for thought.

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    Apparently the families of the two cadets are unhappy with the response from Maersk and haven't yet received their remains.


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