Sending in TRB a year later

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    Sending in TRB a year later

    I finished my SQAs over a year ago but failed my IAMI exam and never sent in my TRB for the NOE. I planned on revising but found a job ashore with good money and kept putting it off.

    Are there any issues with applying for an NOE so late? I've noticed I'm lacking ID information in my TRB for one signature by the electrician, but I do recall my training officer telling me that not all seagoing electricians had tickets so it wouldn't be an issue. I think I'll have to doublecheck that because I can imagine them sending the trb back to me. If that does become an issue I suppose I'm screwed.

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    I think you've got 5 years to get your orals done so I imagine it would be fine. Can always e-mail the MCA and ask?




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