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    Required experience

    Hi, looking to gain sponsorship for the September 2018 intake, was wondering how much experience is actually required for sponsors to take you seriously etc. I have the required grades (B's and C's in GCSE for everything) and have completed my A-Levels. I also have my RYA Powerboat level 2 licence, could anyone give me an idea of the experience required to gain a sponsorship as not sure i have as much as others may

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    I'd never step foot on a ship before (apart from crossing the English Channel on a ferry as a kid) and didn't know the first thing about anything maritime before I applied, and I was handed a cadetship there and then after 10 minutes in my interview.

    Put in the effort, bit of research, bit of enthusiasm and a suit and you'll get a cadetship! Enjoy

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    You're there already dude, read the articles on here, careers at sea website, get the latest copy of the Nautilus Telegraph and research the industry. Be able to answer the question "why do you want to work at sea?" with something other than "I want to see the world"
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    Academic qualifications- if you fulfil the minimum requirements (and possibly exceed them grade-wise) which are specified for companies/agencies, then you stand a good chance.

    Additional experience and 'related' qualifications or work/certification will definitely have a positive influence on your chances of cadetship/sponsorship with whoever you apply to.

    To take from a personal anecdote, the company I'm with wanted Maths, English and Science (Physics) at GCSE/Higher level, grade-C and above (Particularly maths) as their minimum requirements to be considered. The closest I ever got to physics was GCSE level (The tri-science award you do in year 9), and I obtained a C at best! I failed Higher Chemistry as well...*

    However, I'm of the understanding that I was offered cadetship- 1 day after interview- through merits to my previous experience and other work/certification- particularly voluntary work with a maritime charity which I gained RYA qualifications with as well (PB2, SRC Radio and First Aid) and the addition of having a HNC in Petroleum Engineering (Offshore, Oil and Gas, Installation layout e.t.c.). I reckon without those two, and knowledge/interest relative to the Deck and shipping/logistics offshore, I would have struggled to seek sponsorship.

    At the end of the day, experience and anything which relates to nautical studies/background- you'll definitely seek good chance of offers for interview, as well as potentially cadetship with whoever you decide to go with. I reckon as it stands, there's definitely potential.

    All the best of luck! No harm in trying!

    *I lived in Scotland most of my life, moved to England and spent Year-10 there before moving back north.
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