Restricted license

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    Restricted license

    Does my unlimited EOOW license become restricted to vessels of with an engine capacity of less than 3500kW if I only work on these types of vessels or will it always stay unlimited?

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    From MSN 1857:

    EOOW is only unlimited.

    2nd Eng Unlimited requires your 12 months watchkeeping be on vessels over 750 kW.

    Chief Eng Unlimited requires 9-18 months on vessels over 3000 kW, with the remainder on vessels over 750 kW. The duration depends on whether it is served as 2EO or not.

    Otherwise you need to look at the restricted routes detailed in the same MSN.

    Revalidation of tickets is covered in MSN 1861, which states that for engineer officers the vessel should be over 750 kW.

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