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    Lightbulb Passage planning app

    Good evening all,

    A quick one, I'm still on ships with paper charts. I was wondering if anyone has or knows of any apps to use for an iPad that you can do basic passage planning on, to get waypoints, depths, distances, buoys, and courses ect for transferring over on to the charts for more in depth passage planning?
    I know there are boating apps, are any worth it and do the job?

    thanks folks

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    If you go down the iPad route it'll probably cost you quite a bit in charts etc. Whereas one of these pirate electronic chart programs that appears on laptops on all the old 80's and 90's built coasters in Europe would probably do the trick, apparently found on a Russian torrent.

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    I sailor is pretty good. You can buy chart regions for a reasonable sum.
    I use i-boating for PC - it's good for basic passage planning and has great charting. I think the whole of Auz / NZ costs 25 quid for example.
    Note of caution - if you intend to transfer WPT's to an ECDIS, check what format the receiving ECDIS can deal with.
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