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    Quote Originally Posted by GarnetWomack View Post
    A UK Masters CoC doesn't mean that you're competent to be a Master on a vessel, all it proves it that you have a good memory for regurgitating a whole bunch of what is more or less useless information that you forget shortly after the exam.

    This is something that is lost on many people, the Achilles heel of many a company are these HR women who have at best a degree in some totally irrelevant social science, but don't understand the operations of the ship they are manning, that mistakenly think that a certificate of competency equals actual competency.
    But you can drive a wooden boat around a table and instantly become a ship handler!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sun Zenith View Post
    It's all very well learning advanced stability etc as a cadet, but with no practical experience to relate it to, or the chance to use it at sea as you will be sailing as a junior officer initially, it will soon be forgotten.
    I don't agree with that, all the stability theory should be done and dusted when you qualify as an OOW, that way you can take an interest and understudy the Mate all the way though your progression as a 3/O and 2/O. People shouldn't be learning stability when they're going back for their mates writtens, most of what is learned in stability isn't practiaclly used either now that everything is done by computers. Theres no reason that the mates Nav paper couldn't be done when people are cadets, not that it should be done at all as it's not the 1960s anymore, when the stuff in it might have been relevant.


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