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    Cemetery viale

    Keeping things short, got my orals booked in for not very far away.

    Now started panicking about the sheer quantity of work ahead of me.

    Don't believe I'll be ready in time.

    Can I push the date back, realistically? Or is it a case of do the best I can in the time I have?


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    Think you can re arrange it at a minimum of two weeks notice by phoning the office. Their next available slot after yours might not be for a couple of months though, which could be worse because you will start to forget things after orals prep finishes. Everyone feels this way before their orals though, I'd just keep the date and give it a go, if you pass then great, if you don't then just do it again. That's the good thing about this exam, you can keep doing it till you pass, provided you have the time and money!




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