CoC Holder from the Philippines wants to apply for a Cadetship Programme

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    Question CoC Holder from the Philippines wants to apply for a Cadetship Programme

    Good Day,
    Currently I am onboard as an Ordinary Seaman. I had my Cadetship on a greek managed Principal. Right now I have completed my CoC documents as an OOW, had recommendation to be promoted as 3rd mate. Although I am not satisfied with my learning experience because as a Cadet, I was not provided proper training, only my eagerness helped me learned the Job as officer on board the ship. And with the way our company does not provide any career path program for us with CoC:NW License Holder. I was wondering if are there any companies that I can apply to directly thru Online for there Cadet program. I am willing to be a Cadet again thus providing a good foundation and proper training to become an Officer and has a career path program for me in the Future. I am located in the Philippines. I hope any good advice for me. Thanks!

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    Hi, wenkxki
    The cadetship programme in UK is offered only for the UK and EU passport holders
    You can try and apply for jobs directly to british companies as you are a qualified OOW, but it is a long shot as they mostly are interested in experienced seamen
    Good luck in your future career




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