College timetable for HND

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    Question College timetable for HND

    Hey there,
    I'm due to start a HND engine cadetship this September so i was curious as to what my timetable could look like with regards to how often i will be undertaking short courses and how often will I find myself in the training pool.

    Also will i have many free periods?

    Many thanks

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    Im guessing it varies from college to college, for me in Glasgow it's been pretty much full time certainly in every day but the occasional free period but quite often in till 5. As you complete classes you might get a few more free periods for "self study" quite often there's a change over half way through phase 1 + 3 where they try to have the first batch of classes completely finished.

    Short courses wise it's not as much as you'd think roughly 2 weeks out of the whole of phase 1, 1 for all the Stcw courses, PSSR, sea survival (only time I was in a pool), security duties and elementary first aid. Then 3 days for basic fire fighting, If your on tankers then you'll have a couple more (tanker fam and tanker fire fighting) but I did these at the beginning of phase 2.
    We were also sent away on a team building sailing trip with the OYT during our Easter holidays.
    Phase 3 the only short course I did was advanced first aid which was 4 days.
    My advice is to expect to be rushed of your feet for the next three years and take the breaks you do get as a bonus.

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