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    James Fisher

    Has or does anyone work on a James Fisher vessel? I'm interested in a deck cadetship with them.
    Are they any good?

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    I'm a current deck cadet with them. Busy ships running mostly up and down the East Coast of Britain, Northern Europe and Ireland. You won't see the world with Fisher, but you will have an opportunity to learn a lot rather quickly. The crews I've sailed with have been mostly very good, more than happy to show you what they're doing and teach you.
    Feel free to ask anything you like about working with them.

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    What are they like to work with? My son has been offered an engineering cadet ship starting Feb 2018, are they a good company? What length are the college and sea phases and will he get set holidays during college phase, he starts at Fleetwood.

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    His college phases will be the same as everyone else at Fleetwood

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    During college phase they're great. One of the best paid cadets and will never have to worry about accommodation as they give you an extra 150pw on phase 3&5.
    Saying that, it's a mainly Eastern European crew which is fine but some of them can be completely useless and you'll end up wondering how the **** they got a CoC. They'll also make you chip and paint until your mind has been turned to mash potato. Ships are old and all mainly manual, pro and con as you'll learn to get the feel of the ship as you do cargo but will also be standing out in the pissing rain. All the ballast monsters I've worked with don't work so it can get frustrating at times. Over all I would say they're a great company for a cadetship as you'll learn a lot about the ship you're on and all the British (despite the few numbers) have been great teachers. Sea phases are broken up nicely with a usual 8 week trip. Definitely one of the better for a cadetship.




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