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    Hi all

    I had a falling out with my training officer and I am wondering who else can sign off the first page of my TRB. It specifically says training officer signature but there must be a way to get it signed for those in similar situations. Aside from that, I have completed the TRB and all my sea time, but a petty exchange of words got me in this bit of trouble.

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    Hows about you try to be professional, go and apologise, even if it wasn't "your fault" he's the senior officer there and while you may disagree with someone there are always ways of stating so without being rude or argumentative. Make peace and if he still won't sign it go to the Chief Officer, or Captain if the C/O is your training officer and ask them to remind your TO that he/she has a responsibility to also be professional and sign your book.


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    This is in your contact details bit signed by the company training officer? Have you actually asked them or are you trying to avoid that because it's awkward?
    If it's the latter then your going to have to go ask them, I'd be pretty surprised if they refuse to sign it because of a personal disagreement, they have to act professionally.
    If you have asked and they're refusing to do it then I would escalate it and go to their boss it's your career at he end of the day. Also if your supposed to be working with the company after your cadethip I'd suggest a fair degree of tact, as said above maybe shoulder more than your share of the blame if it will help.




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