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    Fair Point, but of course I would love and be privileged to train with any college, was just a preference though at this early stage.
    It falls over a weekend too and the two don't clash so I should go and visit both as I've got the chance.
    Many thanks for your advise R - best of luck with starting your training.

    Quote Originally Posted by endure View Post
    I'll do it before any of the other 'old timers" do. If you're unhappy about going to college in the NW because you live in the SE how are you going to cope with spending half of your year on the other side of the world when you qualify?

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    Quote Originally Posted by leifstarkey View Post
    Hi R,
    Many thanks for your message of reassurance. I guess the age thing is irrelevant if you want something hard enough you'll make it work. I actually stumbled across your blog before joining this forum, will be interesting to follow your progress of the training, see if its something I really want to do. I'm still researching alot at this stage as I'm completely new to the industry and world of shipping, but the idea of a career at sea just really appeals to me at the moment. I'm applying for a few cadetship training schemes with a few companies just trying to get my personal statement cover letters and cv up to scratch to stand out and appeal to the recruitment teams. Is any tips or advise you can give from your experience on this early stage.

    I have been invited to an open day up at in Blackpool at the Fleetwood Nautical College in a couple of weeks time. The place looks great but with being currently based down in the South East its a long slog to get there so I'm in two minds at the moment but at least its on a weekend which makes it easier with work. My preferred training would somewhere closer like Southampton or Portsmouth. Did you attend any open day with Warsash before applying.?

    Look forward to reading your next post. And best of luck with everything.
    No Worries! Off the top of my head, just be honest about your enthusiasm. For every slightly older cadet they see seeking a career change I reckon they must see a 16/17 year old school leaver looking at the merchant navy without being 100% sure what they want to do. You're an investment on the sponsor companies part, so they want to see enthusiasm and commitment regardless of age. Mention any achievements you've had through work - they don't have to be massive, but just something that shows you are a hardworking team member. For example, I mentioned that a few times I was asked to consider applying for a team leader role within my previous job - I didn't take it but still, it's a reflection on my work ethic so it's worth mentioning. Are there any boat yards near by that do refits? It could be worth asking around and getting involved - a bonus is you generally get a day or two sailing for every couple of days you help, which is fun!

    Also, this might sound silly, but try to find a hobby that you can do at sea. Both companies I interviewed with had a few questions about how I'd fill my downtime whilst at sea - I can see it being a poor career choice for someones who's only interest is playing footy with their mates or mountain climbing.

    I'd apply for any open day you can reasonably attend. Warsash seem to have a couple every year so I attended the August/September one and a local open day in Cowes.

    Hope that helps!


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