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    Rule 18 requires that you keep out of the way of a RAM, NUC, Fishing Vessel and Sailing Vessel - in these cases assuming you are a normal PDV you are always the Give Way vessel in open sea.

    Rule 18 requires that you "if the circumstances of the case admit, avoid impeding the safe passage of a vessel CBD", take note that you are to avoid getting in its way, not that you are to keep out of its way, Rule 3 specifically states that a CBD is a power driven vessel for this very reason;

    While you should not get in it's way, if Risk Of Collision exists you are bound to comply with the appropriate Rule as two power driven vessels; In this case Rule 15, which defines you as the Stand on Vessel and the CBD as the Give Way Vessel.

    Under Rule 17(a)(ii) you will take action to best avoid a collision when it becomes apparent the other vessel is not taking appropriate action to comply with the Rules. Any action you take should take into account the action which is required of the other vessel (Rule 17(c)) - which as a PDV following Rule 15 is to take such action to avoid crossing ahead of you (basically, reduce her speed or alter her course to starboard).

    Therefore the only options available to you are;

    + Reduce speed
    + Alter course to starboard - you are permitted to cross ahead of the other vessel - the "avoid crossing ahead of the other vessel" part of Rule 15 applies to the Give Way vessel, which is the CBD vessel, not you.

    (I've typed this quickly on my phone from memory so appologies if the rule numbers are wrong / it's not exactly whats written)
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    Quote Originally Posted by R1PHILL View Post
    initially i was stand on but as the situation has developed and now the other vessel is CBD its my duty to keep clear.

    Rule 18 says i should not impede her passage.

    Rule 18 Fishing RAM ARE still power driven vessels, just have to keep clear of them and when complying with Rule 15 can alter to port to pass their sterns, is CBD any different
    Don't confuse Part A and Part D of Rule 18 as 'avoid impeding' is different to 'keep out of the way of', and CBD is not included in Rule 18 Part A.
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