Have you had bad experiences during your cadetship?

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    Exclamation Have you had bad experiences during your cadetship?

    I'm working alongside several groups (politicians, unions, institutes etc) right now and conducting an investigation on how to better the cadetship program.

    What I need from you is any relevant negative experiences you may have had during your cadetship that you feel were caused by a training provider, sponsoring company, college or crew on board. I'll provide a few examples of cases/issues we've already been given below. Please be as vague as you feel you need to be, we're not interested in dumping anyone in it, we just need honest accounts. Note: we received permission from Cadets A, B and C to summarise their responses anonymously.

    - Cadet A was being made to work for 19 hours per day on board a container ship with minimal breaks. He was told by his training provider to contact them instead of his sponsorship company directly. When he did, he recieved no reply to his email for a week. He also notes that on his sea phase sponsorship payment of £120 per week, this meant he was being payed 90p per hour.

    - Cadet B also raises the issue of pay. He finds the wages completely unsustainable especially after being forced to live in student accommodation in a city away from his home and finds taking a pay cut of 31.5% during sea phases unreasonable also.

    - Cadet C was onboard a ship when she reported to the bridge. She was told she would be working with the bosun and was not permitted to enter the bridge again. When she realised this wasn't a temporary measure but what her entire trip would be she asked why she wasn't allowed to do any bridge based training and was told that it was bad luck to have a female on the bridge. She contacted her training officer who told her not to worry about it and to "read the manuals and do the reports based on them".

    We have had many responses so far but the more we get the better chance we have of getting something done about it. Please provide any experiences no matter how insignificant you feel they may be.

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    Again, no idea who you are or if you are connected to these groups at all and if you really are trying to better anything at all. You could be a journo looking for a nice scare story for all we know.

    Have a read of the other thread where this was discussed.
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    There is already a thread started by yourself regarding this topic - kindly do not post multiple threads for the same thing. This thread will be deleted shortly.
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