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    Quite an interesting setup. QM2 notably cruises on diesels but uses GTs for boost power to achieve 30kts.

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    MSN 1857 contains the answer...

    5.5 Service on gas turbine ships Service on gas turbine ships can be used at full rate for both motor and steam certification. Engineer Officers holding motor or steam Certificates of Competency are eligible to serve on this type of vessel; however, some additional training related to the gas turbine machinery may be required for senior Engineer Officers.

    Note that it would also require completing all the Steam parts of the TRB and sitting/passing the Steam EK exam.

    Not sure whether gas turbine would count for both at the same time I.e. if counted for steam cannot be counted for motor...

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    A little late to the party... Currently on GTV Brilliance of the Seas... We have podded propulsion and our main generators are two GTGs - nominal load 25MW per side. Above these we have heat recovery steam generators outputting 32bar steam to drive a steam turbine (9MW). Also have a DG with scrubber system to burn HFO around the clock so I'm assuming what you will have is a similar set up. I haven't touched any of the steam section in the TRB as all the maintenance that has really taken place is safety valve overhauling and condenser cleaning.


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