Colour-Blind Engineers

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    Colour-Blind Engineers

    Ok so I have a restricted ENG1 for Engine and Clyde Marine will not accept me for a cadetship.

    Are there any engineers here who have a restricted eng1 and got onto a engine cadetship?

    If so, which company?

    This is my life long dream and my sister who is 3 years younger than me is currently going through a deck officer course in Glasgow.

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    Maersk have taken on engine cadets with a restricted eng1. Like myself, I was unable to pass the Ishihara plates which is the test with numbers and coloured dots, however the MCA will issue you with an eng1 if you are able to pass the farnsworth d-15 test or the city university test. You can do these colour tests at the optometry department at the Glasgow Caledonian university. All you have to do is phone them up and book am appointment. Where you aware of these tests?

    Hope this helps

    Phase 3 SPD engine cadet at city of Glasgow college.

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    Hey Paul, I've been at sea so haven't been on this lately but hope I can still help. When I went for my first medical I failed the ishihara plates test completely and was referred to my optician to do the city university colour vision test as stated on the ENG1 requirements. I sent the results to the doctor and was given a valid ENG1 with 'not fit for outlook duty' which does not affect engineers. Hope this helps



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