EOOW Unlimited and Limited - differences?!

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    EOOW Unlimited and Limited - differences?!

    I'm nearing completion of my cadetship, and following the HNC route, my sea time has been spent on a variety of supply, anchor handling, and construction vessels.

    What I'm wondering is: If following the said named course, and upon successful completion of both the IAMI's and Orals, would I be issued with an EOOW Unlimited license?!

    What differentiates between getting an unlimited license and limited license these days?

    Hope the foregoing is clear, and aye I've had a browse at other threads! Cheers!

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    I could be wrong but I think that the difference between unlimited and limited EOOW tickets is all down to the size of ship (engine wise) that you would qualify to work on i.e limited i think has to be <3000kw and ulimited, well any size haha. If im wrong im sure someone will correct me
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    Nope, as per forever, it's jst engine size.....in this instance size matters and I think it's still 3000kw main engine power (or equvalent for the diesel electric people)
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