Anyone starting phase 1 Sep 2016?

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    Anyone starting phase 1 Sep 2016?

    Hello everyone, seems a bit quiet on here but I may as well ask if any of you are starting at Warsash this September?

    I'm going as a deck cadet foundation degree ☺️

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    Awesome stuff to hear Charlotte!

    Sadly I've not got the pleasure of joining Warsash, I've got myself a placement at South-Tyneside.

    As I'm sure you're presently aware from previous posts.
    "We have encountered an enemy square! The most deadly of all the quadrilaterals!" ~ EfffingController
    First of all, I'm not Scottish! I'm Drunk!

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    Hey Charlotte! Exactly the same position as you, FD starting in September. I've also started a Facebook group for us starters to get in touch with eachother, see my post on this subforum. See you in September!

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    Congrats to both of you!

    I'm a current WMA cadet, so feel free to ask me any questions you might have!
    Pointy bit is the front, blunt bit is the back... Simples!

    Will work for money/sea time.

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    Mr Nicoll - congrats on your place! Hope you have fun at tyneside

    elangley - woo! Okay I'd love to join the group, would be nice to know of other people going too

    thank you very much mr stealth, I'll let you know! So excited to start

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    Likewise I'm a current cadet there too, so will be able to help with any questions that you all may have.

    Look forward to seeing you all there in September when I'm back from sea!

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    Hey Charlotte, I'm joining in September But I will be doing the engineering FD

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    Oh hey! That's cool �� Who are you being sponsored by? Are you looking forward to starting?

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    Hi! Well done on getting your cadet ship! I am a Phase 5 Cadet, here at WMA still. (Failed the MCA Orals!, so awaiting a new date!) Will be kicking around when you guys start. Any questions you may have feel free to ask!

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    I'm sponsored by MEF through SSTG I'm really excited to start but nervous at the same time! You?


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