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    Ship Types: Oil/Product/Chemical/LPG
    Rank: 3/O
    Leave Ratio: 90 days on, 66 days off
    Salary: 29,400
    Pension: 3% after 6 months

    Ship Types: Oil/Product/Chemical/LPG
    Rank: 2/O
    Leave Ratio: 90 days on, 66 days off
    Salary: 38,532
    Pension: 3% after 6 months

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    Ship Type: Cruise
    Rank: 2nd Officer
    Leave Ratio: 12 weeks on : 8 weeks off
    Salary: $64,500 (41k at current exchange rate)
    Pension: Optional but offered - Company matches your contributions up to 10% of salary after 12 months.
    Benefits: Friend / Family members travel free in your cabin, or substantial discounts on passenger cabins, Private worldwide medical care for employee (and partner if applicable), training allowance towards professional licences / further education, discounts with various companies.

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    Ship Type: offshore supply/support/aht
    Rank: employed as 4E, onboard as 3/E.... Depends which piece of paper you read
    Leave Ratio: should be 6 on/off. Works out to be 7 on 5 off.
    Salary: 31278. May be taxes... Depends if you get booted to North Sea lay ups half way through the year.
    Pension: 4% from me 6% from them
    Benefits: .... You're at sea?
    Any other details:
    Learn to be very patient in an unorganised mess.
    Become accepting of the fact you will never go home on the original planned date.
    Understanding that cost is everything even if it's 10 when talking in thousands

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    Electro-Technical Officer
    Join Date
    June 2010
    Ship Type: Product, Oil and Gas tankers
    Rank: 2/ETO
    Leave Ratio: 90 days on 69 off (12 weeks: 9 weeks)
    Pension:0% employer contribution
    Benefits:life assurance
    Any other details:good for sed claim but you must pay ni

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    Thumbs up Wind farm Crew Transfer Vessels

    OoW with not much more experience than a cadet on containers so as you know the job pool is pretty bleak.

    Ship Type: 27m <200t Jet Boats (so don't worry this time can count towards your C/O)

    Rank: currently sailing as Mate/Trainee Skipper

    Leave Ratio: 3 weeks on 3 weeks off or 4:2

    Salary: min 130+ day rate which works out just over 30k

    Pension: up to 10% employer with match

    Benefits: Not guaranteed to be out the UK but when you do you can get a nice big tax rebate. other than that not much really... will pay for training if you agree a 2 year contract.

    Any other details: Couldn't get work as a OoW so took a quick hitch to see what this infamous industries all about then I got hooked on it. getting to mess around on 30knot highly manvorable jet boats, good crack (such a new industry so a melting pot of OoW's, ex-fishermen, super yacht guys)

    I am just going up for my Master 200t which should be a breeze in comparison to my OoW a few years ago.

    Master 200t should expect 220+ a day = 44k a year.

    nice little stop gap job till the OoW jobs pick back up!

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    Ship Type: Cruise
    Rank: Captain
    Leave Ratio: 3:3
    Salary:55,000 GBP Basic
    Pension:5% company contribution
    Benefits: Bonus up to 30%, unlimited family travel, premium or business flights.
    Any other details:

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    Ship Type: LNG, Tankers
    Rank: Captain
    Leave Ratio: Between 2 & 4 months back to back
    Salary: 67,678
    Pension: MNOPP optional
    Benefits: Business Class flights (mostly), Spouse/Partner allowed on board (1 single fare paid by company per year), Bonuses paid based on performance and compared to others of same rank.
    Any other details:

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    Ship Type: Oil/Product/Chemical Tankers, LNG
    Rank: Captain
    Leave Ratio: Between 2&4 months back to back
    Salary: 67,678
    Pension: MNOPP optional
    Benefits: Business Class Flights longhaul, Performance related bonuses, Spouse/Partner on board (+ 1 single flight paid per year)

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    Ship Type: Chemical Tankers
    Rank: Captain
    Leave Ratio: B2B
    Salary: 67,976 - 76,649
    Pension: 6% employer / 4% employee
    Benefits: Performance related bonuses, Spouse travel paid

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    Ship Type: Container
    Rank: 4th Engineer
    Leave Ratio: 0.69
    Salary: 26,611 (HNC), 29,569 (HND/FD etc.)
    Pension: 6% employer / 4% employee
    Benefits: Spouse travel paid (1 trip per year)




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