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    Are there any clubs/ rugby teams/sailing anything like that at glasgow for us to do after classes?

    Also can we go to other student unions?

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    If you get an NUS card then I am pretty sure that you can use Strathclyde and Glasgow Uni student unions, you certainly used to be able to twenty years ago.
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    Clubs are something I can't comment on, but with a student card your open to any union, attending anniesland college a few years ago they let me in to both Glasgow and Strathclyde!

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    Yeah you can join Student clubs and go to unions etc. Its a big busy city!

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    Your college student card gets you into all the Student Unions in the city, so no need for an NUS card. The Strathclyde Union is only 1.50 for any spirit and mixer, which is just lethal btw...
    The college has its own football and rugby teams but they are not that great.
    You can't join any of the Uni sports teams which is absolutely rubbish, but there is loads of sports clubs round and about so its just a case of looking around!

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    So the glasgow uni mountaineering club is a no?

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    There is a place down by Kinning Park you could go? Also, you could always set your own club up?
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    The GU unions don't check that you're a member unless there is a gig on or something. You don't get a reduced price because GU ain't affiliated with NUS, Strathy are though I think so you should get in for free.

    The sports clubs will all require you have a matriculation card for the Uni, I'm hoping mine will still work haha

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    Officially, yes. However, in the real world student mountaineers tend to be pretty happy to have non-uni affiliated types hanging around, training with them, climbing with them...

    Especially if you have a car.

    I started the process of creating a mountaineering club at City of Glasgow college and decided against it. I didn't want to be responsible in any way for some of the goofballs who would undoubtedly have come along.

    Regarding walls in Glasgow there are two, TCA at Kinning park (excellent bouldering wall) and GCC at Ibrox (bouldering and roped).

    Good luck and have fun.

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