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    Quote Originally Posted by Duthie95 View Post
    They used to come into the living room to pin notices up all the time which we really didn't mind, but the security guards just walked into our rooms unannounced on more than a few occasions for trivial reasons.

    But this was all last year so could be totally different now...
    Bedrooms are a no no. If the door is shut they cannot walk into there uninvited, to do that they have to have an immediate reason (e.g. Fire in the building). Living room is fair game.

    Perhaps worth having a word with Stevie?
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    I was in St Lukes last year and they're fine with you having a few beers. We had a couple of parties but made sure we weren't too loud and kept ourselves to ourselves. It's the noise they don't like. But they didn't care about alcohol at all. Just watch for them barging in without knocking (or knocking after they've opened the door) and this includes bedrooms.

    Also, you're likely to have an alcohol test on your first or second day (morning) so be careful about that.

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    I'm there just now, well on holiday technically, and they don't care about having a few over for beers etc. it's just if there's other residents complaining about noise.

    Although, I did hear from one of the office staff that the new halls would have some sort of alcohol rule but he said it was being implemented by one of the sponsoring companies and not actually the halls themselves.

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    There not too bad. Havin a few is cool gettin ****faced and wrecking things dosnt fly. They will come into the main living room for inspections an if somebody complains but never seen them going into bedrooms always knock first to see if your awake and want them in. Most of them were dead on with me didnt stay there in last phase but. Drinking under 21 should be ok if you dont mess around and annoy the neighbours

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    Aye St Luke's it was basically do whatever you want as long as you don't make too much noise, most of the guys in charge there were pretty reasonable. Alcatraz was a hole and I don't think you could drink but I only stayed there for about a week and in any case that has been torn down now so no idea what the new place is like. My advice would be stay in St Lukes. Lot more freedom there, its much more of a traditional student environment.


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